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“Creativity in communications must be balanced by judgement.”

There is the creativity that belongs in museums, or on stages, or between book covers. It is called art.

Then there is creativity in advertising, marketing and public relations. Too often, the medium is used for artistic expression, instead of attending to the business at hand. We say that the business of advertising is to create business, not art. There's the difference: creativity in marketing must produce results to be valid. Moreover, it is a matter of doing more/better with the resources at hand. Thus, creativity is not limited to the keyboard or design program. We look for it in marketing planning, budget management, media planning, scheduling and production.

Creativity in communications must be balanced by judgement. Obviously, we are concerned with whether an advertisement or collateral piece will work. Beyond that, will it synergize with all of the client's marketing? Does it suit that marketer; does it truly convey his image and business? Does it have impact, or is it merely cute? Is it sound; will it work well in other advertisements and media? Is it the very best we can do?

We always look for the unique stroke that sets our clients apart - the inspired statement, graphic, sound or image that captures the public imagination. That we have succeeded is on the record.

But this is our benchmark: the only creativity that counts in our business is that which creates new customers and friends for our clients…and us.