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We provide the related marketing services that help clients identify their most profitable market segments, determine the needs of those segments and translate them into benefits-oriented advertising AND Public Relations. We turn advertising budgets into investments, with the predictability and performance the term implies.

Our method of producing results is simple. It's logical. And in brief, it looks like this:
Research the client's history, operations and competition.

Define the ambient market, target market segment(s) and related trends.

Establish goals, timetables and responsibilities.

Develop a marketing plan with rationale, positioning, strategy, PR, traditional and social media, Internet, email, DM, and budget.

Create the selling theme and approach to implement the plan and follow through on creatives.

Of course, not every client needs the full menu. But whatever the assignment, the method and the principles it represents impose a discipline, as well as an awareness that every advertising communication should conform to a master marketing plan. The best ones invariably convey what the marketer is and hopes to be.


The Power of PR can not be exaggerated. PR is credible. From the crafting of expert messaging to the targeting of media relations programs, we work closely with each client to ensure third party endorsement: when the media, whether a network, daily paper, trade journal, broadcast reporter or blogger in your industry, recognizes you or your company by reporting from our PR.

Good Design ensures that an ad, a brochure, a website, does more than just look pretty. It may be hot or cool, it can transmit a subtle or loud message, it can work for you enhancing your words, your image, your brand. We work hard, smart, and creatively to make this happen.

Advertising can be very expensive, whether it is on line, on air, or in print. And so we research, negotiate and test, so that it is targeted and ultimately cost effective.

Internet Marketing Strategies that work increase search engine visibility and spark interest in your products and/or services. SEO, Online Press Releases, Pay-Per-Click Advertising, and Link Visibility are crucial to survival of any business today.